There are two rounds of competition.
1. Preliminary round:
Fill in the online registration form, and submit your 3MT video link and the file of your slide.
twelve to fourteen candidates will be selected to compete in the final event.
* If for any reason the finalist is unable to progress onward, his/her place will be cancelled.
2. Final round:
The selected candidates will take turns to present on stage in front of a live audience.
(The organizer reserves the right for final decision.)


1. 初賽: 參賽者線上填寫報名表,並繳交3MT學術簡報之影片連結及投影片。評選十二~十四位參賽者晉級決賽。
2. 決賽:決賽將於交通大學公開舉辦。參賽者若決賽當日不克出席,遇缺不補。


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