NCTU 3MT® Workshop: How to rock the 3MT®? <交通大學三分鐘英語學術簡報培訓講座>

Come and learn all you need to know in order to compete in the 1st annual NCTU Three Minute Thesis (3MT®), to be held on November 19, 2020. In these workshops, Tiffany Chin and Linda Wu will review the rules and eligibility requirements for the 3MT® Competition, and will further provide students with helpful hints and tips to prepare a three minute presentation and an accompanying presentation slide of their research. To register the workshops:

Note that participation in the workshops is not required to enter the competition.

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Session 1: Tiffany Chin

2020/10/20 (Tuesday) 16:30-17:20 p.m. (改期至10/27 16:30-17:20 p.m.)

NCTU Library 3F Seminar Room

Session 2: Linda Wu

2020/10/22 (Thursday) 12:30-13:20 p.m.  

NCTU Library 3F Seminar Room

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